‘Cashing out’ means that you are converting your crypto to cash. To do that, you simply need to visit a Bitspark Cash Point to sell the stablecoin related to the currency you are using.

For example, if you want to cash out 100 sparkdex.HKD, then you need to sell the stablecoin for HKD cash. After the cash out trade, the amount deducted from your account will be given to you in cash, minus the cash out fee (1.5%).

Note: If you want to cash out a crypto like Bitcoin, you first need to exchange BTC into your local stablecoin so you can then sell that for cash.

How to cash out at a Cash Point with the mobile app

Step 1
From the home screen, Tap ‘withdraw’

Step 2
Select your currency from the drop down menu

Step 3
Select ‘In Cash at a Bitspark Shop’, from withdrawal methods

Step 4
Specify the amount of cash you want to use.

Step 5
If you are already at the Cash Point, tap ‘Scan QR Code’. If you need to find the Cash Point location, select ‘Or, find a cash point’.

Step 6
After the Cash Point initiates the transaction, you will receive the cash amount. Confirm on your device to complete the transaction.

You have now converted your cash to crypto.

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