If you would like to be verified please have these following details ready. 

  1. Your full name on government issued documentation such as ID, birth certificate or passport. 
  2. Your contact number with your country code. 
  3. Selecting the type of document you would like to upload.
  4. The ID number on the document. 
  5. Upload the document in an image format.
  6. Click Update your details to verify.
  7. Wait to be verified. 

Important things to remember:

  • Photos must be clear and high-resolution, with all information clearly visible.
  • Photos must be in PNG or JPEG (.jpg .jpeg .png) format.
  • Photos and documents must not be edited or manipulated.
  • Documents presented must be original (not copies)
  • No watermark on the photos
  • The ID must be valid (expired documents will not be accepted)

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